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ARCTITUDESIGN approaches every projects with the imperative that the success of the project comes from a thorough understanding of the client, their operations and the needs of their people and their clients. A workplace/ livingenvironment will address the people, processes and plans which articulate the realm of their business/ home. We approach each project knowing that each client is different and each culture unique. Our professional role is to provide a unique solution that responds to our clients’ vision of their interior. We facilitate the expression of an organization’s personality through the collaborative process, so that the physical environment is an articulation of the organization’s culture.


We are inspired by Modernism, and believe that form/design has a function. To achieve this, we work from the macro to the micro, from the architecture structure, down to the screws on doors. Ultimately the way things “look” is the result of a collaboration between client, design team, project teams and users. The way things “work” is a result of the assimilation process, not derived from an arbitrary idea of how things should “look”.

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